Tactical Gaming Systems

Primary Full Stack Software Engineer


Tactical Gaming Systems, Inc was founded to sell the Team Combat Franchise model, as well as, invest development resources into "fully-immersive" experiences to entertain guests.

Team Combat is built on the premise of being an extremely engaging and exciting experience for guests and I have created much of that environment. The technology involved in the experience is extensive from beginning to end. From the beginning, guests interact with a website that I custom built for the multi-site franchise. This was developed specifically so that each location can have guests make reservations, fill out waivers, become members, view scores, etc. At the facility, I was responsible for making sure the staff was able to engage with guests on the highest level because of well-implemented systems. I built the software that controls TVs on the battlefield, coordinates sound tracks, plays sound effects during the game, plays game music, manipulates the lighting, keeps track of scores, controls the taggers, and controls the props that guests are interacting with. This entire stack was made easily controllable on a tablet. Even scoring for the taggers was custom-written to properly track incoming score data and attribute it to the appropriate player. These numerous complicated systems had to be tied together so everything was down to a simple press of a button.

My work continued in “mission” creation. This process included writing the software and building the physical hardware to make the device interactive and intuitive. These included numbered keypads, LCD screens, RGB LED lights, magnet switches, physical switches, proximity card readers, WiFi adapters, buttons, and more.

Further, all of the physical infrastructure required to run the software was my responsibility to install, maintain and upgrade. This included network gear and servers, all within a very modest budget. This forced me to not only be knowledgeable about the systems, but also know how they impact the business as a whole.

Eventually more people were added to the equation, and my roll expanded to managing projects, code lifecycle, and people skill allocation.

Areas of experience gained:

  • C#
  • Audio Visual
  • OSC (Lighting Protocol)
  • C++
  • Microprocessor GPIO
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • PHP – OOP
  • MySQL
  • E-Commerce plugin creation
  • Online Transactions
  • Linux
    • Bash Scripting
    • CRON tasks
    • Installation and updates
    • MySQL management
    • Backups
  • File Storage
  • VoIP system installation and maintenance
  • User support for website and admin panel
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