A few things I've stacked.

Tactical Gaming Systems Website

Tactical Gaming Systems

Primary Full Stack Software Engineer

Fully immersive and interactive tactical laser combat for adults and teens. Mission based, using hardware and software to achieve the best experience possible.

Indiana Botanic Gardens Website

Indiana Botanic Gardens

Contractor - Project Manager & Software Developer

Northwest Indiana's natural vitamin and supplement company since 1910. Selling online through company owned E-Commerce and through online retailers.

Plum Grove Music Website

Plum Grove Music

Contractor – Software Developer & IT Support

Providing everything one might need to learn an instrument. Using online presence to advertise, sign up for lessons, and begin instrument rentals.

Sunnybrooke Music Website

Sunnybrooke Music

Contractor – Software Developer

Teaching group and private instrument lessons to students of a local school. Online presence allows sign up and automatically bills for lessons.