Indiana Botanic Gardens

Contractor - Project Manager & Software Developer

My first experience with Indiana Botanic Gardens was in August of 2016 as their full-time Systems Administrator. I managed everything from ESXi to the domain and users. Our small team of 2 grew with my efforts to create a position for a Primary Helpdesk Technician. This alleviated the need for me to be involved in end-user support so that I could focus on the larger tasks at hand (running the entire business’s infrastructure). My superior, the director if IT, gave me full run to make necessary upgrades and maintain infrastructure.

In March of 2017, I was acquired by Tactical Gaming Systems to help the startup launch while still contracting for Indiana Botanic Gardens. My main purpose as a contractor was to help Indiana Botanic Gardens on software projects such as integrating online order processing for Amazon using a company called SPS Commerce.

In January of 2018 a new manager of E-Commerce was hired, and I began taking on more work as a contractor. This involved managing 4 to 5 projects simultaneously, writing large portions of the software for those projects, and managing a small team of 3 developers. My responsibilities included keeping the business “stakeholders” informed, communicating to outside vendors, and coordinating with the developers to ensure the projects were accomplished on time.

Areas of experience gained:

  • Communication with business users
  • Communication with outside vendors
  • Management of development team
  • SQL Server Management
  • C#
  • jQuery & JavaScript

Various projects I was involved in:

  • Integrate Bazaarvoice in to website
  • Integrate SLI products in to the website
  • Assist in website redesign
  • Provide a sustainable master data feed from close-sourced system for vendors to use
  • Provide order input in to close-sourced system to automate order entry from vendors such as Amazon
  • Teach programmers code lifecycle best practices
  • Set up git server and deployment strategies
  • Assist IT department in varying needs related to software development deployments

Areas of experience gained as Systems Administrator:

  • ESXi Management
  • SAN Installation
  • Microsoft Server Management
  • RDDS Management for all company users
  • IIS Management
  • Cisco and HP Networking Switch maintenance
  • VoIP (Allworx) server setup and maintenance
  • Antivirus endpoint management
  • Mass software deployments
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