Hi, my name is Wylan Swets. Since a young age I have tinkered with and fixed computers. I got good at fixing them and did a lot of work fixing home computers for people. I was exposed to web development through Team Combat and their content management system by volunteering my time. I didn't know much at that stage but quickly learned how to write basic HTML and CSS and my interest took off from there.

When I started college, I took a job at the university as a Desktop Support Technician. I quickly took on the role of "The Mac Guy" as no one else knew how to operate Macs or cared to learn about them. I learned so much about networks and computer support both on Macs and PCs and I still carry that knowledge with me to this day. I did backups and re-imaging, hardware replacement, new setups, remote support, phone support, software installs, and any need related to computing on campus for every department.

I was hired by a small on-site computer repair and support company for a short while before being hired Team Combat to maintain their computer systems and website. I continued to learn more about computers, servers, and web development. I eventually moved in to doing a custom web application for Team Combat and building custom hardware that interacted with Team Combat's website, as well as, the lighting and sound systems for more interactive gameplay.

At this point, Team Combat named me CTO of the company because my responsibilities had grown so vast, spanning every area of technology that the company uses. I set up and maintain their VoIP server and phones, email, file sharing system, and network-based communication devices that the employees use while customers are playing the games. On a daily basis my knowledge is stretched and I actively learn as much as I can to be better at my job. I always try to stay abreast to new technologies so that I can try to incorporate them into my work to make my or the employees' jobs easier.

The feelings of joy I get when I make computers do amazing things have stuck with me since my early days of computing. I am very dedicated to my work because I love what I do and I am loyal to my endeavors.